Hiking Deep Creek, Apple Valley, Ca

I was so excited to take a picture of this first purple carpet of spring. Just after one of the first dips into the trail, I pranced (literally) over to photograph these tiny flowers. The hikers behind us were a little worried that we had veered off the trail to go the wrong way, but, I assured them that the flowers only wanted their picture taken and we would get back on the proper trail shortly.

My giggle was making me giggle as I could my first real hike in spring begin to course through my veins. Being super sensitive to the changes in serotonin levels of my brain, I was really happy to feel this natural surge of “high”.

Our destination was Deep Creek Hot Springs located near Apple Valley. I can’t wait to be out there more! Next week we are backpacking in for my first backpack adventure. So exited!

Hiking Deep Creek, Apple Valley, Ca

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